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Turning work

Turning work Do you need parts for an industrial process? Olpa Hank is a specialist in sophisticated turning work. Fine turning work, simple or complex turning work; we create these machined products from high-quality plastics and metals. We work with close tolerances and specialised machinery for every type of machining operation. After all, accuracy largely … Continued

Milling work

Milling work Would you like to outsource milling work? Olpa Hank is a specialist in sophisticated milling work. Thanks to our high-quality range of machinery, we deliver milling work of the best quality and in any desired shape. Even the most complex 3D shapes are milled with the utmost precision at Olpa Hank. We mill … Continued

Laser engraving

Laser engraving Are you looking for a metalworker who can laser engraves products? We process many plastic or metal parts for our customers, for example by means of turning, milling or other machining. Because we perform virtually every conceivable machining operation, we also frequently apply it to a single product. An example of this is … Continued

Plastic processing

Plastic processing from A to Z Plastic is one of the most practical, versatile and affordable materials available. It is not surprising that it is quickly becoming preferable to use plastic for the creation of parts for devices and semi-finished products. However, plastic machining remains a profession in its own right. Thanks to our passion … Continued


Metalworking Olpa Hank specialises in serial metalworking, resulting in customer-specific products one by one. We cover the entire spectrum from simple to high-quality precision mechanical metalworking, in small and large production runs. We have mastered the specialist areas, but we certainly do not shy away from smaller production runs or simpler operations. Always at competitive … Continued


Machining The vast majority of plastic and metalworking will fall under machining. This includes all operations that produce chips or shavings from the processed material.  In fact, every form of material processing is machining, which makes the processed product lighter or smaller. The great thing about machining is that you can create your end product … Continued

Laser cutting

Laser cutting We use laser cutting for precise metalworking. We can cut various metals into the correct shape. Naturally we cut stainless steel and steel, but we also cut hastelloy and titanium to measure. Laser cutting is just one of the many industrial processing techniques that we use. We are also happy to handle other … Continued

Stamping work

Stamping work Outsource your stamping work to Olpa Hank. We produce high-quality end products with short lead times. We work accurately, with low tolerances. Our entire process is set up to stamp, die-cut and deliver products to you, the customer, quickly and sustainably. We will take care of all your concerns by proving you with … Continued

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