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Milling work

Would you like to outsource milling work? Olpa Hank is a specialist in sophisticated milling work. Thanks to our high-quality range of machinery, we deliver milling work of the best quality and in any desired shape. Even the most complex 3D shapes are milled with the utmost precision at Olpa Hank.

  • We mill virtually all metals and plastics
  • Proficient in series production form 250 pieces and more complex products form 50 pieces
  • Burr-free delivery of your milling work – beautiful smooth surfaces!
  • Extensive range of machinery with various milling machines
  • Your milling work will only be shipped to us after extensive inspection in our measuring room
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Examples of milling work

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Extensive range of machinery

Our extensive range of machinery includes various CNC milling machines, 4-axis milling machines and 5-axis milling machines. With these machines we can process products on multiple sides in one setup. With 5-axis milling it is possible to machine the product on 5 sides in one setup, which improves production speed.

3D milling work

With our CNC milling machines we can mill almost any shape. Even the most complex 3D shapes are milled with extreme precision at Olpa Hank. From thread milling to complex machining; we challenge you to come up with a milling operation that we cannot perform.

Milling of various types of materials

We mill various types of materials. This of course includes obvious metals such as steel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and copper. But we also mill high-quality metals such as hastelloy, monel, inconel and titanium. In addition to metals, we mill plastics. Examples are POM, PTFE (Teflon), nylon and PEEK, whether or not carbon-containing or glass-filled. But we do not limit ourselves to that. Milling high-quality plastics such as Torlon, PSU, PES and PEI is also familiar territory for us.

Outsource milling work

We perform high-quality milling work in series, the end result of which we can deliver to you with the shortest possible lead time. We offer a solution, especially for difficult operations and high accuracy. Because we have various types of milling machines, we are also very flexible and fast. There is room for customisation and collaboration. In the end, we will provide a solution.

Are you looking for a professional partner for outsourcing plastic or metal milling work? Or do you have a question about the possibilities of this? Contact us or request a quote immediately. We will be happy to help you.

The Olpa Hank way of working

From first contact to delivery in just 5 steps.

1. Contact

Together we will explore the possibilities.

2. Quotation

You will receive a quotation based on your requirements and design drawing.

3. Processing

We process your product with the highest precision and quality.

4. Control

Only after extensive quality control does your product leave our doors.

5. Delivery

The processed product will be delivered to your chosen address.



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