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Laser engraving

Are you looking for a metalworker who can laser engraves products? We process many plastic or metal parts for our customers, for example by means of turning, milling or other machining. Because we perform virtually every conceivable machining operation, we also frequently apply it to a single product. An example of this is laser engraving of a serial number or other post-processing operations.

  • We work accurately and punctually
  • The final product is delivered to location
  • Because we work 24/7, a lead time of one week is feasible
  • The engraving work is virtually permanent
  • Both small and large production runs are possible

And do you already have a suitable end product but do you only want to have it engraved? That’s also possible! Just like we also do laser engraving before post-processing such as anodising or nickel plating. We engrave especially deeply so that the text, serial number or barcode is still clearly visible after surface processing. You will notice this. We do not shy away from a challenge.

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Examples of laser engraving

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Why laser engraving?

By laser engraving, a (metal) product can be provided with a serial number, barcode or other type of relief. We regularly engrave logos on metal. The big advantage of laser engraving compared to most alternatives – printing, for example – is that engraving is virtually permanent. Only gross wear and tear on the engraved surface can erase the engraving. With most metals, such wear and tear is not obvious.

Laser engraving by Olpa Hank

As a flexible metal and plastic processing company, we can take care of your concerns. We take both small and large series into production, carry out multiple operations if desired and deliver the end product on location according to a pre-agreed schedule. This allows for a constant flow, so that you always have the right quantities available, without having to keep a large stock.

The Olpa Hank way of working

From first contact to delivery in just 5 steps.

1. Contact

Together we will explore the possibilities.

2. Quotation

You will receive a quotation based on your requirements and design drawing.

3. Processing

We process your product with the highest precision and quality.

4. Control

Only after extensive quality control does your product leave our doors.

5. Delivery

The processed product will be delivered to your chosen address.



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